Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Have you ever painted your nails an hour before going to bed then woken up in the morning with those horrible dent marks, its so frustrating *Sighs*, we've all been there. So, for today's posts I thought I would share some tips that have helped me along the way when it comes to making my nail polish dry quickly. 


It can take up to 24 hours for nail polish to be completely dry all the way through each coat, so after 30 minutes your nail polish is only really dry on the top layer leaving you open to getting those annoying dents. Dipping your nails into a small bowl of cold water for a few minutes once you have finished painting will help to harden the polish all the way through each coat. 


You might be thinking Cuticle Oil, huh? Well, I scratched my head about this at first too, but I can honestly say this definitely helps speed up the drying time of my polish. Not only does the oil help speed the drying time up it also acts as a barrier to protecting your nail varnish, so should you knock your nails whilst opening the door to the postman it will be the oil that takes the hit and not your polish. I apply a drop of oil to each nail and the surrounding skin after applying my top coat and by the time this has fully sunken in I know my nails will at least be touch dry. 


More thin coats is always better than less, but big thick gloopy coats, especially when painting with a 'Gel Like' polish e.g Barry M Gelly Hi Shine. Again, not only will this be quicker at drying but it will also prevent those really annoying polish bubbles. I've included metallic nail polish as I find it has a much thinner consistency, not only does this dry quicker but it also requires less coats as I find them to be more pigmented. So, if you ever find yourself called out somewhere with minutes to spare and your nails are bare *Shudders* pick a polish with a metallic finish for quickness. 


My obvious choice for top coat is Seche Vite, always. A coat of this makes my nail polish dry within five minutes. There are many different top coats out there, but using one that is aimed at fast drying like Seche Vite or Ciate's Speed Coat Top Coat will help quicken things up. 


You can usually pick these sprays up in Superdrug, Boots and Bodycare. I wouldn't necessarily rely on these solely to dry my nails, but used in conjunction with say a fast dry top coat or a drop of oil I find can make a difference to the drying time. Some of these sprays have added moisturising agents, so as well as the added moisture it will also help to keep the shine on your polish. 

What do you use to quickly dry your nail polish? 

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