Sunday, 26 April 2015


Like every other person who was born in the 90's I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls, so when Nails Inc shared last year that they were going to be doing a collection with Victoria Beckham I have to admit I did let out a bit of a squeal. If I cant have one of Victoria Beckham's handbags I most certainly was going to buy her nail polish.  

The Nails Inc VVB collection consists of two nail polishes and was created with a stretched-to-fit technology, similar to her clothing line. This new technology is a first in a nail line and gives the nails a plump finish, feeling almost gel like. Both nail polishes contain Bamboo Extract which help to encourage healthy nails and nail growth. The polish itself comes in a glass bottle in either a matte white or black and has a reveal panel at the side of the bottle to show the colour of the polish.

The two nail polishes come in the colours Judo Red which is a fiery orange red, and Bamboo White which is a classic everyday nude, they currently retail for £25 each. I picked the colour Judo Red and purchased mine from FeelUnique after taking advantage on some discount codes. The polish itself arrived packaged in a simple white gift box, making it feel a bit more special and luxurious. The polish goes on amazingly and has a great thick brush which makes for a perfect application. I am now on day two of wearing this polish and feel like my nails have a treatment on as they feel so strong. Overall I am super impressed with this collection and think these would make for a great gift or treat for someone special. 

Which is your favourite colour from the Nails Inc VVB collection ? 

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