Tuesday, 23 December 2014


It feels good to be rid of the Christmas shopping stress and have everything all wrapped up and just waiting to be delivered, I just wish I could have had it done sooner, I think next year I will be like one of those early birds that have it all done and wrapped up in August. If your a last minute shopper and 
are still on the hunt to find that last gift then the above might be able to help you with some ideas. 

Today's post is my guide to nail gift sets £10 or over, all the above I have come across whilst Christmas shopping online, beautifully packaged I think they would make for a lovely gift for anyone who loves all things nails. I have to admit I am not one for rushing out to the sales come Boxing Day as I am most likely sill eating my body weight in Roses and Quality Streets but I certainly will be having a look on the Internet and I am hoping that some of these sets make there way into the sales. Look out for another of these guides in the next couple of weeks as I will be sharing what I think is worth snapping up in the New Years Sales when it comes to nails.

Are you all ready for Christmas ?

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