Friday, 17 October 2014


To celebrate this spooky time of year I wanted to share with you this fun Frankenstein nail art look. I love Halloween, in fact I love October. Big fluffy jumpers, watching Hocus Pocus, and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner are just some of the reasons why I love this month, most importantly though things start to get exciting when it comes to nails. 
These Frankenstein nails were simple to do thanks to the help of Barry M Nail Art Pens *Bows Down* and I hope this will help anyone out there looking for some nailspiration this Halloween.


1)    To start with I applied the Models Own Rubberised Base Coat.
    2)  I then applied 2 coats of Barry M Matte Effect Polish in Waikiki and waited a good few hours to let this dry before going in with the nail art pens, if the polish is not dry properly the pens will drag the polish. I used a few drops of the Bourjois Instant dry drops on each nail to help speed up the drying time.
   3) Once the polish dried I drew the stitches onto my thumb, middle and baby finger. I then applied the Ciate topcoat to these fingers as a base for the glitter to stick to.
   4) Taking a fan brush I dipped it into the glitter and lightly tapped it on to the nails with the stitches and sealed it on with a final coat of the Ciate topcoat.
   5) For the Frankenstein Faces on my index and ring finger I used the Black & White Barry M Nail Art pens to draw the faces on. I did not use the Ciate topcoat on these nails and instead left them to have a matte finish. If you are not keen on doing the Frankenstein Faces as an alternative you could just have the stitches on all fingers.

What will you be wearing on your nails this Halloween ?


  1. OMG so perfect for halloween. Your so talented.

    Nivii x
    Nivii's Diary | UK Fashion Blog

  2. Hey I just came across you site and really liked it. Could you check out mine Please join it if you like it. :)

  3. these are so cute!!! we'll have to try these out next year!


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