Thursday, 17 July 2014


When it comes to glitter nail polish I tend to have a love/hate relationship. Put it this way, if there was an award for most frustrating beauty routine, removing glitter nail polish would win, along with eyebrows and winged eyeliner. Don't get me wrong its great when it is on the nail, but what I don't like is sitting for hours scrubbing at my nails, only to end up with more glitter on my hands, then I ever did have on my nails.
That was until last year, when I finally tried and tested the 'Tin Foil Method', and said goodbye to scrubbing .. Hallelujah !! I honestly love this method, and always use it when removing any types of glitter, and textured polishes. I have even saved myself the back ache, and used it to remove my toe nail polish. I know I am not the only one who shares this same frustration, so if you are looking for a quick,mess free way at removing this kind of polish, and don't want to be afraid of reaching for your glitters, this post is for you


  • Nail Polish Remover  
  • Tin Foil 
  • Cotton Pads
  • Orange/Cuticle Sticks  


1)  To start with you want to take your cotton pads, and soak them in the nail polish remover.
2)  Take your cotton pad, place and press it over your nail, making sure that the nail varnish remover on the pad is covering your nail polish.
3)  Now taking the tin foil, you want to place it, and wrap it around the cotton pad tightly. This is going to trap the heat, which will allow the nail polish remover to work quickly.
4)  This is the best bit; you get to now put your feet up, while the hard work is done for you. You want to wait around 5-10 minutes depending on how glittery/textured the nail polish is before removing.
5)  Once you have waited, you want to give the nail a rub, as this will help to loosen any last stubborn bits of glitter. Now your ready to pull of the tin foil, you should find that your left with a clean, and glitter free nail. If you find you still have glitter on your nail then all you simply need to do is spin some cotton from a cotton pad around your orange stick, dip in nail varnish remover, and use it to go round your nail to pick up any last bits.
6)  You can finish off the nail by applying a chosen nail strengthener, or base coat, and repaint them. 

What nail polishes do you love, but dread removing ?? 


  1. Great tip!

    lots of love, Ana

  2. I like that you have a niche to your blog! Unfortunately I don't know a lot about nails so will be dropping by to pick up some tips!

    Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out here on my blog :) -



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