Wednesday, 18 June 2014



I am always going onto ASOS, if its not to shop then I do that thing where you 'pretend shop' and add everything to the basket, but don't go through with paying .. anyone else do that ? . I always like seeing what is new in the beauty section, especially when it comes to nails, and a few weeks ago whilst on there I managed to spot these nail tattoos by Bourjois. I hadn't heard much about them prior to them being released, so I was interested to give them a go. The tattoo kit itself comes with three sheets, with a total of 200 tattoos, all different sizes. What I loved about these tattoos is that they can also be applied to your cuticles, and as someone who was desperate to try out the Ciate Cuticle Tattoos, I found this to be a great and cheaper alternative to trying out the trend.

 To apply the tattoos you simple cut around, and size the tattoo up to your nail, then taking a damp piece of cotton wool simply hold it over the tattoo on your nail for a couple of seconds. The process is quick, and I found them to go on easy an mess free, even when applying to the cuticle. Once finished I sealed all tattoos with a top coat to ensure good wear, if you apply the tattoos to the cuticles, expect no more than 1 day wear out of them as when your skin comes into contact with water the tattoos will wear away quickly. Over all I think these tattoos are a great quick and simple way to jazz up your nails, they retail for £3.99 on ASOS. Currently this kit is not available on the website, however they do have their graphic kit available which you can view here .

What are your thoughts on Nail/Cuticle Tattoos ? Would you wear them ?


  1. pretty :)

  2. these are so cute and sounds so easy to use too! x

  3. i always do that pretend shopping thing hahaha, new follower! it would be great if you could check out my blog?


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