Wednesday, 18 June 2014



I am always going onto ASOS, if its not to shop then I do that thing where you 'pretend shop' and add everything to the basket, but don't go through with paying .. anyone else do that ? . I always like seeing what is new in the beauty section, especially when it comes to nails, and a few weeks ago whilst on there I managed to spot these nail tattoos by Bourjois. I hadn't heard much about them prior to them being released, so I was interested to give them a go. The tattoo kit itself comes with three sheets, with a total of 200 tattoos, all different sizes. What I loved about these tattoos is that they can also be applied to your cuticles, and as someone who was desperate to try out the Ciate Cuticle Tattoos, I found this to be a great and cheaper alternative to trying out the trend.

 To apply the tattoos you simple cut around, and size the tattoo up to your nail, then taking a damp piece of cotton wool simply hold it over the tattoo on your nail for a couple of seconds. The process is quick, and I found them to go on easy an mess free, even when applying to the cuticle. Once finished I sealed all tattoos with a top coat to ensure good wear, if you apply the tattoos to the cuticles, expect no more than 1 day wear out of them as when your skin comes into contact with water the tattoos will wear away quickly. Over all I think these tattoos are a great quick and simple way to jazz up your nails, they retail for £3.99 on ASOS. Currently this kit is not available on the website, however they do have their graphic kit available which you can view here .

What are your thoughts on Nail/Cuticle Tattoos ? Would you wear them ?

Saturday, 14 June 2014


The world cup is finally here, and to celebrate England's first match tonight, I have gone all patriotic, and will be showing my support, by sporting these England flag inspired nails. These nails are super quick, and easy to do, so I thought I would share a little how-to post for anyone out there who wants to join in the fun, and get into the World Cup spirit. 

What I Used
Revlon Nail Enamel - Red - £6.49 - Here
Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish - White Hot Love - £3.69 - Here
Models Own - Scarlet Sparkle - £5.00 - Here
Avon Nail Decoration Tool - £3.00 - Here

To start with you want to make sure your nails are filed, cuticles are pushed back, and any old nail paint is removed. 

1) Start by applying your chosen base coat to all nails.

2) Now you want to decide which nails you want your flags to be on, paint those nails in white, as this will be the base colour for the flag, and then the rest of the nails in red. 
3) You now want to take your dotting tool, or nail art brush, either work fine, if you don't have any of these, then you could simply use a cocktail or orange stick. To get a neat line and avoid any blobbing, dip your nail brush or tool into your chosen red nail polish, making sure you only take a small amount. Starting with the vertical line first, slowly start to draw on the lines.
4) Lastly once all nails have dried properly, you can now go over and seal everything by applying a top coat, don't forget to seal the edges, as this will help prevent any chipping. 

There you have it some super quick and easy England Flag nails. 
Will you be watching and celebrating this years World Cup ?

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