Sunday, 4 May 2014


There was a time when all my polishes would fit nicely into a little box, usually one of those boxes that the Christmas perfume gift sets came in. A few years on, and I am now an official nail hoarder, like I imagine one day you will just find me buried under a load of bottles. I am always on the look out for new ways to store and display my polishes, and over the last year or so I have found some great simple ways to do this, so I thought it would be a great idea to share with any of you out there who are also looking for some nail storage inspiration.  


Last year I gave my bedroom a bit of a make over, I had in mind for ages that I wanted something to display my nail polishes on, a little shrine I like to think, for my favourite polishes aha. After lots of googling I was left struggling to find one, the majority I was coming across were to be shipped from America, and the shipping costs were redonkulous. I eventually found this little beauty on Amazon UK from the seller Avonstar. The delivery was quick , and I had it within 2-3 days of ordering. It was simple enough to put up, and also gave the option to have it as a free standing rack . The stand itself holds a good amount of polishes, I reckon at max you could fit about 50 bottles on, you are likely to fit more Barry M polishes on compared to say Ciate/China Glaze, all just depends on the size of the bottle. Having the polishes out on display definitely makes choosing a colour a whole lot easier, at the moment I have all my spring/summer colours out as I know I will be reaching for them the most, the deep reds, purples and gold's are hidden away, and you can read below as to how I go about storing them. I was so pleased with this little purchase, and would definitely recommend it to any fellow nail hoarders out there.


Anyone who subscribes to Glossybox, will know that these boxes can pile up pretty quickly if you don't use them for anything. The boxes are basic and are of good quality,so its a shame to let them go to waste, its just knowing what to use them for. If your wondering how I store my Autumn polishes away, then this is how. At the moment I have three of these packed away into my wardrobe, one which has all my files and nail art bits and bobs in. As well as using them to store away, with a bit of customisation, they can look great out on display. You can get some wrapping paper to tie in with your room, and wrap the lid to help jazz it up a bit. You could even use different paper on each box, as this would create a great effect when you stack them.


This might seem a strange one using a plant pot, but I don't know anyone who goes Ikea and ends up using what they have bought for its original purpose .. Or is that just me ? aha. Anyway I spotted this last week, it jumped out at me because it was similar to my wallpaper, and as you can guess I didn't have to think long about what I was going to fill it with. At the moment mine is filled up with random polishes, but I thought this could also be a great thing to keep by your bedside and store your favourite hand cream, file, nail polish and foot cream in. Great for anyone who likes to give their hands, nails and feet some TLC before they go to bed.

How do you like to store and display your polishes ? Do you reuse your Glossyboxes?


  1. OMG I really need that rack! That is an amazing idea! :) xxx

  2. Thank You for checking out my post Nikki :-D xoxo


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