Monday, 10 March 2014


Summertime is fast approaching and it will soon be time to dig out the sandals. There is nothing worse than crusty tootsies, and so when I found this little bargain I thought I should share. On Saturday I paid a little trip to Primark, the beauty section in Primark has really taken off, so I decided to go have a little mooch. Whilst in their I managed to come across this little find 'The Four Way Foot File', which Primark are selling for £1.00. This tool has everything on it that will help to keep my feet in good condition and acceptable for sandal wearing. The first side has a pumice and file which is great for softening the skin, the second side has a rasp and brush, great for removing dead skin and giving the foot a general scrub. I love giving myself a pedicure and painting my toenails but there are some weeks I simply do not have the time, having this file now leaves me with no excuses for neglecting the feet. This tool has everything on it used in a pedicure, and teamed up with a blob of my favourite L'Occitane foot cream, I am sure it will have the feet summer ready in no time. 

What are your favourite Primark beauty finds ? Any recommendations ?

Saturday, 1 March 2014


There is nothing more frustrating than painting your nails on the left hand neatly and then looking at your right hand and thinking ... Oh crap! How do I match this up ? Just like eyebrows, eyeliner and hair there is always one awkward side we all dread doing. Since becoming a bit of a nail addict I have discovered my own little tricks that have helped me to perfect that dreaded right hand paint. I hope that by sharing these tricks it will help some of you out there who share this same frustration.


When I first started to paint my nails I used to carelessly slap on the polish and basically hope for the best. I have since learnt the importance of wiping the brush of excess polish before painting. It is safer to start with a few sheer coats and build it up as blobbing on the paint will straightaway flood the cuticle, and most likely go on to the skin, resulting in a messy finish.


Something I have only recently started doing but it is one of the biggest tips I could give you. To do this firstly you need to paint one stripe up the centre of the nail, and then paint either side of the nail. I know this might sound longer than quickly slapping on the paint, but believe me you will see neater results if you start painting this way.


If any of the above fails you then I would suggest on stocking up on these. You can use these sticks once you have finished painting to go around the nail and tidy up/remove any mistakes. Just wrap some cotton wool around the cuticle stick and dip in nail varnish remover. This will help to give you a neat manicured finish.

And there you have it perfectly neat polish on the awkward right hand.
The polish I have used in this blog post is the Bourjois 1 Second Texture Gel in the colour Blue No Blues (£5.99) HERE

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