Tuesday, 23 December 2014


It feels good to be rid of the Christmas shopping stress and have everything all wrapped up and just waiting to be delivered, I just wish I could have had it done sooner, I think next year I will be like one of those early birds that have it all done and wrapped up in August. If your a last minute shopper and 
are still on the hunt to find that last gift then the above might be able to help you with some ideas. 

Today's post is my guide to nail gift sets £10 or over, all the above I have come across whilst Christmas shopping online, beautifully packaged I think they would make for a lovely gift for anyone who loves all things nails. I have to admit I am not one for rushing out to the sales come Boxing Day as I am most likely sill eating my body weight in Roses and Quality Streets but I certainly will be having a look on the Internet and I am hoping that some of these sets make there way into the sales. Look out for another of these guides in the next couple of weeks as I will be sharing what I think is worth snapping up in the New Years Sales when it comes to nails.

Are you all ready for Christmas ?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

essence Cosmetics Nail Polishes

You might know from a previous post I was rather pleased when essence made its way into Wilko stores in the UK this year. Whenever I pop in the stands always look full of so many interesting products, especially when it comes to nails. When I first discovered essence one of the first things I picked up was their 'Pro White Glow' polish as for a long time I had wanted to try the 'Dior Nail Glow' and this made for a perfect dupe, its great for them 'naked nail days'. After been impressed I was keen to test out more of their nail polish range so when essence kindly contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to try some of their nail products I was excited to give them a whirl. 

On first impressions in trying the 'Colour & Go Polish' in Roller Coaster I was pleased with how good a consistency the polish was and in one coat I had near enough an opaque finish, the polish was fast drying but I am not sure if this was down to the polish or because I got away with one coat, either way its a win. Another tick in the box for me was the brush, it covered a lot of the nail in one stroke allowing for a quicker paint and a neater application. The effect polishes I found needed around 2-3 coats for a full finish, however if you was using any as a top coat on top of your favourite festive polish then 1 coat would do the job. 

These polishes are all under £2 and are available in Wilko stores nationwide, so if your after some new festive polishes for this month or you just need some last minute stocking fillers then I would definitely go in and check them out . I am looking forward to adding some more of the 'Colour & Go Polishes' to my collection in the New Year. 

1) Colour & Go 179 Roller Coaster 2) Holo Jewels Effect 12 Bejeweled 3) Galaxy Flakes Effect 23 Rock My World 4) Twinkling Bling Bling Effect 17 Never Stop Dreaming

What are your favourite products from essence ?

Friday, 5 December 2014


1) Jessica Star Treatment Gift £8.33 2) 'Tis The Season' Elegant Touch Nails £8.99
3) Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paints - Christmas Tree & Jingle Bells £3.99
 4) Ciate Tree Trinket £8.00 5) China Glaze Sprinkle Some Twinkle Duo £6.95

I would love to be one of those people that have their Christmas shopping all done and wrapped up by October but no matter how organised I try to be I still end up leaving it till December. If like me you are still rushing out to the shops and need some inspiration when it comes to buying gifts then this guide might help to give you some ideas. I will be posting a few of these gift guides over the next month, sharing my top nail finds when it comes to Christmas gifts and the January sales. Today is the turn of the stocking fillers, all of the above are around £10 or under and make for a great small gift for someone who loves all things nails.You can never have enough nail polish. 

What nail gifts are you lusting after this Christmas?

Monday, 1 December 2014


 I cant quite believe we are weeks away from Christmas, where has this year gone ?
 To kick of this exciting month I wanted to share with you these two limited edition Christmas nail paints called Christmas Tree and Jingle Bells from Barry M. Jingle Bells contains chunks of different shaped gold and red glitter with stars running through it, Christmas Tree has a mixture of green, red, and silver glitter. 

I love these kind of effect polishes, worn on their own or layered over my favourite Christmas coloured nail polish they are a quick way to getting some festive fingers without having to spend hours. There is no denying that glitter polish can be stubborn to remove, fear not though as I have a previous post here showing you a quick and simple removal method. 

On sale in Superdrug these nail paints are priced at £3.99 each, currently online and in store Superdrug are doing a great offer when you spend £6 across selected Barry M products you will receive the Jingle Bells nail paint free. Lined up against my red and berry nail polishes these two have given my nail rack a festive makeover and I am looking forward to sporting these on my nails 
through out the month of December.  

Jingle Bells

What are your favourite Christmas Nail Polishes ?

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I hold my hands up and say that I am guilty to not owning many Avon Nail Polishes even though the Gel Finish Nail Polishes have been on my 'to try' list for a while as I have always read good things about them. Whilst looking through the brochure a few weeks ago I came across this Nail Selection Box which included the Gel Finish Polishes so snapped it up straight away. I thought this would be a great way to add some of their polishes to my collection and to see if they live up to their hype. 

This box comes with a selection of 12 full size (10ml) nail polishes and is set out in a advent calender style box with the 12 nail polishes behind 12 doors. The best part about this buy was that it was only £18 and is currently on offer for that price when you spend £10 across the Avon website or brochure, otherwise it will retail at the full price of £55. I have to admit that I would not pay the full price of £55 for this especially when you consider that the Ciate Advent Calender is £49, however if you can get this on its offer then to have 12 nail polishes for under £20 I think is a fab deal ! If you know of anyone who loves all things nails then this would make for a perfect Christmas gift, I know I would be happy if I found this under the tree.

Nail Polishes included in the Selection Box

Opal Top Coat

Nail Wear Pro + Polishes 
Coral Reef
Golden Vision
Perfectly Flesh
Pink Creme
Real Red
Sea Breeze
Viva Pink

Gel Finish Nail Enamel 
Sheer Love

View Avon Nail Selection Box £18 when you spend £10 (HERE)
If you would be interested in seeing the colours of the polishes that are inside the box then let me know in the comments below and I will do an update post showing the swatches ! 
                In the meantime I would love to know what your favourite nail polishes are from Avon ?              

Friday, 17 October 2014


To celebrate this spooky time of year I wanted to share with you this fun Frankenstein nail art look. I love Halloween, in fact I love October. Big fluffy jumpers, watching Hocus Pocus, and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner are just some of the reasons why I love this month, most importantly though things start to get exciting when it comes to nails. 
These Frankenstein nails were simple to do thanks to the help of Barry M Nail Art Pens *Bows Down* and I hope this will help anyone out there looking for some nailspiration this Halloween.


1)    To start with I applied the Models Own Rubberised Base Coat.
    2)  I then applied 2 coats of Barry M Matte Effect Polish in Waikiki and waited a good few hours to let this dry before going in with the nail art pens, if the polish is not dry properly the pens will drag the polish. I used a few drops of the Bourjois Instant dry drops on each nail to help speed up the drying time.
   3) Once the polish dried I drew the stitches onto my thumb, middle and baby finger. I then applied the Ciate topcoat to these fingers as a base for the glitter to stick to.
   4) Taking a fan brush I dipped it into the glitter and lightly tapped it on to the nails with the stitches and sealed it on with a final coat of the Ciate topcoat.
   5) For the Frankenstein Faces on my index and ring finger I used the Black & White Barry M Nail Art pens to draw the faces on. I did not use the Ciate topcoat on these nails and instead left them to have a matte finish. If you are not keen on doing the Frankenstein Faces as an alternative you could just have the stitches on all fingers.

What will you be wearing on your nails this Halloween ?

Thursday, 25 September 2014


I first heard of essence through watching haul videos on Youtube, seeing overseas Youtubers mention this range made me eager to try. For those of you that don't know essence is a European brand that launched its cosmetics range into Wilko stores nationwide this summer. The range consists of a make up, skincare and nail line all with great budget friendly prices ranging from 99p - £3.99.
essence are now bringing us into Autumn with their new collection for September 2014. There are 13 new colors being added to the colour and go range including a suede finish in denim blue, a matt-effect in pink, and two nude shades with a satin finish. You can check out the full collection here, polishes are retailing from £1.99. I am looking forward to popping in an checking out the new range, I have my eye on some polishes that will be great for halloween nails.

What are your favourite products from essence ?

Monday, 22 September 2014


The nail paint Lychee by Barry M was one of them colours that I wasn't sure on at first as it reminded me like I was painting my foundation or concealer onto my nails. That was until this weekend when I decided to give the gradient nail look a go and team Lychee with my favourite glitter polish by Barry M in Diamond Glitter, These polishes make a perfect combination, the nails were simple to do and give a great effective finish. To create these nails I used 2 coats of  Lychee as the base then taking the Diamond Glitter I applied a thick coat to the top of the nail. To finish I wiped the brush on the side of the bottle so there was very little paint on it and then lightly painted down the nail to achieve the gradient. I cant wait to wear these around the Christmas/New Year period and mix it up with some dark polishes and different glitters.

What are you wearing on your nails this week ?

Barry M Lychee - Here
Barry M Diamond Glitter - Here 

Friday, 5 September 2014


Last week I managed to pop into my local Superdrug, and take advantage on their 3 for 2 offers on Barry M, picking up 3 Gelly Hi Shine paints from the new Autumn/Winter range. Its scary to think that we will soon be heading into Autumn, even though it is my favourite season as I can dig out my big comfy jumpers, and start to countdown to Christmas.
The new range from Barry M consists of 6 nail paints all inspired by autumnal, and winter colours. Even the names of the nail paints (Chilli,Cardamom,Mustard,Cocoa,Paprika,Chai) which I love, instantly remind me of this special time of year. 

I love the polish shades in this collection, they are all completely different colours to what I would usually wear, and own nothing like this in my collection. Its great to add a bit of variety to the nail rack, and step away from the colours I would normally reach for.
The Gelly Hi Shine range from Barry M will always be a firm favourite of mine. For a lovely glossy opaque polish I find I only need 2 coats at max, I try to avoid any more as it can make the layers thick, which can cause the polish to chip and peel quickly. I always finish the polish with my trusty OPI Nail Envy, I find this gives me 4-5 days of wear before I feel the need to refresh the paint.

The Gelly Hi Shine range will always be a win for me, this collection has got me excited for the Autumn, and I cant wait to pick up the other 3 paints from this range.
Have you tried any of the new paints from the Autumn/Winter range ?? 
What are your favourite colours ??

Monday, 25 August 2014


A few weeks ago Make Up Rumours were offering bloggers a £10 voucher to spend online on their store. On hearing the name I presumed they just sold Make Up, but after checking out their website, I saw they offered a great nail range. From nail polishes, to nail art accessories, I found it on there. I was interested to try out their nail polishes,and to hopefully discover, and share some new nail finds with you all.

 Make Up Rumours is a blog that runs an online Pop-Up shop, selling make-up, nails, gifts, and box sets. All products are cruelty free, and with great affordable prices starting from £1.00. Checkout/delivery was simple, and quick. I put my order in on a Friday, and received it the following morning which was fab.  

If I am honest I was not sure what to expect when it came to the polishes as they were only £1.00 , but I was honestly surprised at how good quality they were. I picked the Club Colours range which was £5.00 for the set of 6 polishes, full of brights and neon's, perfect for the time of year. They offer different ranges of colours, such as nudes, reds, pastels, glitters etc all which you can buy as a set or on their own. What is great about these polishes is the brush, it reminded me of Bourjois brushes which I love as it allows for a neat application because they are thick, and square. The paint itself I was thinking may of been watery in consistency, and would need a good few coats, but I was completely wrong as I had an opaque finish in 1-2 coats. The only colours I found to need 2+ coats were the more neon colours like the green, and the yellow. Overall I was super impressed with these polishes, and as £1.00 polishes go they matched up just as good if not better than some £5.00 + polishes I have tried. 

I spent over the £10 voucher when purchasing my products, so the people at Make Up Rumours offered me a 10% discount code for you all to use - 
lyn10off - (Website)
Have you tried any products from Make Up Rumours ?

Thursday, 17 July 2014


When it comes to glitter nail polish I tend to have a love/hate relationship. Put it this way, if there was an award for most frustrating beauty routine, removing glitter nail polish would win, along with eyebrows and winged eyeliner. Don't get me wrong its great when it is on the nail, but what I don't like is sitting for hours scrubbing at my nails, only to end up with more glitter on my hands, then I ever did have on my nails.
That was until last year, when I finally tried and tested the 'Tin Foil Method', and said goodbye to scrubbing .. Hallelujah !! I honestly love this method, and always use it when removing any types of glitter, and textured polishes. I have even saved myself the back ache, and used it to remove my toe nail polish. I know I am not the only one who shares this same frustration, so if you are looking for a quick,mess free way at removing this kind of polish, and don't want to be afraid of reaching for your glitters, this post is for you


  • Nail Polish Remover  
  • Tin Foil 
  • Cotton Pads
  • Orange/Cuticle Sticks  


1)  To start with you want to take your cotton pads, and soak them in the nail polish remover.
2)  Take your cotton pad, place and press it over your nail, making sure that the nail varnish remover on the pad is covering your nail polish.
3)  Now taking the tin foil, you want to place it, and wrap it around the cotton pad tightly. This is going to trap the heat, which will allow the nail polish remover to work quickly.
4)  This is the best bit; you get to now put your feet up, while the hard work is done for you. You want to wait around 5-10 minutes depending on how glittery/textured the nail polish is before removing.
5)  Once you have waited, you want to give the nail a rub, as this will help to loosen any last stubborn bits of glitter. Now your ready to pull of the tin foil, you should find that your left with a clean, and glitter free nail. If you find you still have glitter on your nail then all you simply need to do is spin some cotton from a cotton pad around your orange stick, dip in nail varnish remover, and use it to go round your nail to pick up any last bits.
6)  You can finish off the nail by applying a chosen nail strengthener, or base coat, and repaint them. 

What nail polishes do you love, but dread removing ?? 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014



I am always going onto ASOS, if its not to shop then I do that thing where you 'pretend shop' and add everything to the basket, but don't go through with paying .. anyone else do that ? . I always like seeing what is new in the beauty section, especially when it comes to nails, and a few weeks ago whilst on there I managed to spot these nail tattoos by Bourjois. I hadn't heard much about them prior to them being released, so I was interested to give them a go. The tattoo kit itself comes with three sheets, with a total of 200 tattoos, all different sizes. What I loved about these tattoos is that they can also be applied to your cuticles, and as someone who was desperate to try out the Ciate Cuticle Tattoos, I found this to be a great and cheaper alternative to trying out the trend.

 To apply the tattoos you simple cut around, and size the tattoo up to your nail, then taking a damp piece of cotton wool simply hold it over the tattoo on your nail for a couple of seconds. The process is quick, and I found them to go on easy an mess free, even when applying to the cuticle. Once finished I sealed all tattoos with a top coat to ensure good wear, if you apply the tattoos to the cuticles, expect no more than 1 day wear out of them as when your skin comes into contact with water the tattoos will wear away quickly. Over all I think these tattoos are a great quick and simple way to jazz up your nails, they retail for £3.99 on ASOS. Currently this kit is not available on the website, however they do have their graphic kit available which you can view here .

What are your thoughts on Nail/Cuticle Tattoos ? Would you wear them ?

Saturday, 14 June 2014


The world cup is finally here, and to celebrate England's first match tonight, I have gone all patriotic, and will be showing my support, by sporting these England flag inspired nails. These nails are super quick, and easy to do, so I thought I would share a little how-to post for anyone out there who wants to join in the fun, and get into the World Cup spirit. 

What I Used
Revlon Nail Enamel - Red - £6.49 - Here
Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish - White Hot Love - £3.69 - Here
Models Own - Scarlet Sparkle - £5.00 - Here
Avon Nail Decoration Tool - £3.00 - Here

To start with you want to make sure your nails are filed, cuticles are pushed back, and any old nail paint is removed. 

1) Start by applying your chosen base coat to all nails.

2) Now you want to decide which nails you want your flags to be on, paint those nails in white, as this will be the base colour for the flag, and then the rest of the nails in red. 
3) You now want to take your dotting tool, or nail art brush, either work fine, if you don't have any of these, then you could simply use a cocktail or orange stick. To get a neat line and avoid any blobbing, dip your nail brush or tool into your chosen red nail polish, making sure you only take a small amount. Starting with the vertical line first, slowly start to draw on the lines.
4) Lastly once all nails have dried properly, you can now go over and seal everything by applying a top coat, don't forget to seal the edges, as this will help prevent any chipping. 

There you have it some super quick and easy England Flag nails. 
Will you be watching and celebrating this years World Cup ?

Sunday, 4 May 2014


There was a time when all my polishes would fit nicely into a little box, usually one of those boxes that the Christmas perfume gift sets came in. A few years on, and I am now an official nail hoarder, like I imagine one day you will just find me buried under a load of bottles. I am always on the look out for new ways to store and display my polishes, and over the last year or so I have found some great simple ways to do this, so I thought it would be a great idea to share with any of you out there who are also looking for some nail storage inspiration.  


Last year I gave my bedroom a bit of a make over, I had in mind for ages that I wanted something to display my nail polishes on, a little shrine I like to think, for my favourite polishes aha. After lots of googling I was left struggling to find one, the majority I was coming across were to be shipped from America, and the shipping costs were redonkulous. I eventually found this little beauty on Amazon UK from the seller Avonstar. The delivery was quick , and I had it within 2-3 days of ordering. It was simple enough to put up, and also gave the option to have it as a free standing rack . The stand itself holds a good amount of polishes, I reckon at max you could fit about 50 bottles on, you are likely to fit more Barry M polishes on compared to say Ciate/China Glaze, all just depends on the size of the bottle. Having the polishes out on display definitely makes choosing a colour a whole lot easier, at the moment I have all my spring/summer colours out as I know I will be reaching for them the most, the deep reds, purples and gold's are hidden away, and you can read below as to how I go about storing them. I was so pleased with this little purchase, and would definitely recommend it to any fellow nail hoarders out there.


Anyone who subscribes to Glossybox, will know that these boxes can pile up pretty quickly if you don't use them for anything. The boxes are basic and are of good quality,so its a shame to let them go to waste, its just knowing what to use them for. If your wondering how I store my Autumn polishes away, then this is how. At the moment I have three of these packed away into my wardrobe, one which has all my files and nail art bits and bobs in. As well as using them to store away, with a bit of customisation, they can look great out on display. You can get some wrapping paper to tie in with your room, and wrap the lid to help jazz it up a bit. You could even use different paper on each box, as this would create a great effect when you stack them.


This might seem a strange one using a plant pot, but I don't know anyone who goes Ikea and ends up using what they have bought for its original purpose .. Or is that just me ? aha. Anyway I spotted this last week, it jumped out at me because it was similar to my wallpaper, and as you can guess I didn't have to think long about what I was going to fill it with. At the moment mine is filled up with random polishes, but I thought this could also be a great thing to keep by your bedside and store your favourite hand cream, file, nail polish and foot cream in. Great for anyone who likes to give their hands, nails and feet some TLC before they go to bed.

How do you like to store and display your polishes ? Do you reuse your Glossyboxes?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


So far March has been one of my favourite months for nails, we are finally into spring, and are now saying hello to pastels and bright neon colours. The autumn nail colours have been put away, and I have introduced a whole lotta colour to my nail rack. March has also seen the launch of some new and exciting nail collections for spring/summer, a few of my favourites have been the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine pastel colours, and the Revlon Parfumerie scented polish. I have loved what I have been wearing on my nails, and it’s been nice to step away from the dark polishes, and give the nails some life with a pop of colour. I thought I would share with you what I have been sporting through out the month of March, and hopefully introduce you to some colours for your spring/summer collection. 

BARRY M GELLY HI SHINE - PAPAYA - £3.99 - Boots/Superdrug

  A firm favourite brand of mine, especially the Gelly Hi Shine range, which is Barry M's take on the gel effect polishes. This colour jumped out at me when I went in to search for their new pastel range, and I wore this on my nails at the beginning of the month during my Birthday weekend. Papaya is a gorgeous cream coral and is the perfect colour for Spring/Summertime, two coats of this and you are good to go. The polish gives a lovely glossy finish and if you was in a rush you could easily get away without having to use a top coat, although I finished this with coat of my trusty OPI Nail Envy just to fix it in place.                                                                                                                                                                                          

I came across this little beauty when checking out E News Mani Cam from the night of the Oscars, at the beginning of March. The Mani Cam is a mini red carpet for the stars to walk their nails down, and lets us nailaholics see a good close up, it was Lupita Nyong'o who's nails sold this polish to me. After some tinternet searching I discovered it was Deborah Lippmann who worked her magic on the nails, with her limited edition polish in La Vie En Rose from the Spring Reveries Range. The polish is a beautiful pale pink nude, almost white except it has a lovely pink shimmer running through it, and looks gorgeous when it catches the light. Deborah Lippmann's polishes are packed with lots of good stuff for the nails, and after removal of this polish my nails did feel strong, like they had been treated.


This was a polish that I could not wait to get my hands on, and when I eventually did I was not disappointed. When I first saw the polishes it was the bottle design I loved, it has an old fashion feel to it, kind of reminds me of how nail polish would have looked back in the day. It was typical that when these polishes launched my local Boots did not stock them, however I hunted them down and ended up picking the polish in Ginger Melon. This is a beautiful fuchsia pink and again is a great colour for this time of year, the polish has a nice brush making the application quite easy, two coats and I had a wearable colour. I found the drying time to be quite speedy also .. Bonus. I love the whole scent idea, Ginger Melon is classed as an exotic fruity scent, it smells to me like the Tooty Frootie sweets, and it was nice to get whiffs of this when painting, instead of the usual typical potent nail varnish smell.
I love everything about these polishes, the packaging, colours, and the scent, I cant wait to add more to my collection.

What have been your favourite nail collections, and colours for the month of March? Any suggestions on polishes for spring/summer?

Monday, 10 March 2014


Summertime is fast approaching and it will soon be time to dig out the sandals. There is nothing worse than crusty tootsies, and so when I found this little bargain I thought I should share. On Saturday I paid a little trip to Primark, the beauty section in Primark has really taken off, so I decided to go have a little mooch. Whilst in their I managed to come across this little find 'The Four Way Foot File', which Primark are selling for £1.00. This tool has everything on it that will help to keep my feet in good condition and acceptable for sandal wearing. The first side has a pumice and file which is great for softening the skin, the second side has a rasp and brush, great for removing dead skin and giving the foot a general scrub. I love giving myself a pedicure and painting my toenails but there are some weeks I simply do not have the time, having this file now leaves me with no excuses for neglecting the feet. This tool has everything on it used in a pedicure, and teamed up with a blob of my favourite L'Occitane foot cream, I am sure it will have the feet summer ready in no time. 

What are your favourite Primark beauty finds ? Any recommendations ?

Saturday, 1 March 2014


There is nothing more frustrating than painting your nails on the left hand neatly and then looking at your right hand and thinking ... Oh crap! How do I match this up ? Just like eyebrows, eyeliner and hair there is always one awkward side we all dread doing. Since becoming a bit of a nail addict I have discovered my own little tricks that have helped me to perfect that dreaded right hand paint. I hope that by sharing these tricks it will help some of you out there who share this same frustration.


When I first started to paint my nails I used to carelessly slap on the polish and basically hope for the best. I have since learnt the importance of wiping the brush of excess polish before painting. It is safer to start with a few sheer coats and build it up as blobbing on the paint will straightaway flood the cuticle, and most likely go on to the skin, resulting in a messy finish.


Something I have only recently started doing but it is one of the biggest tips I could give you. To do this firstly you need to paint one stripe up the centre of the nail, and then paint either side of the nail. I know this might sound longer than quickly slapping on the paint, but believe me you will see neater results if you start painting this way.


If any of the above fails you then I would suggest on stocking up on these. You can use these sticks once you have finished painting to go around the nail and tidy up/remove any mistakes. Just wrap some cotton wool around the cuticle stick and dip in nail varnish remover. This will help to give you a neat manicured finish.

And there you have it perfectly neat polish on the awkward right hand.
The polish I have used in this blog post is the Bourjois 1 Second Texture Gel in the colour Blue No Blues (£5.99) HERE

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